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Chopok is the third highest peak of the Low Tatras. It is located on the territory of the Low Tatras National Park. It is a sought-after peak with an extensive circular view.

Altitude: 2024m
Distance to the cable car from the hotel: 3 km
Hiking: approx. 2 hours


Trasa Jasná – Vrbické pleso – Tri vody – Pod orlou skalou – Otupné – Biela púť leads for the most part through the forest with the pleasant smell of healthy Tatra air. The views are not as beautiful as on ridge hikes, but this walk also has a lot to offer.

Distance from the hotel: 3.4 km



It is notable for the presence of permanent ice filling, bizarre and massive shapes of underground spaces, rare cave fauna, as well as rich history.

Entrances: 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 2:00 p.m.
Distance from the hotel: 5.7 km


For many years, it has enchanted visitors with its rich sinter filling of various colors, the mysterious underground stream of Demänovka, and its magical lakes. It is the most visited accessible cave in Slovakia.

Distance: 3.2 km


A year-round cave in Liptov, open every day. Each visitor receives a headlamp before entering, you do not need special clothing or shoes.

Distance from the hotel: 22km


KVAČIANSKA VALLEY – Hiking in the Kvačianska Valley is suitable for all types of tourists, as well as for children and pensioners, as it is an easy route. The monumental rock formation Jánošík hlava, narrow and deep gorges, beautiful views of the valley and the picturesque Mlyny Oblazy will be etched in your memory.

Distance from the hotel: 31km

ŽIARSKA VALLEY – A blue-marked hiking trail leads through the valley (1:30 hours) and a 6 km long asphalt road ending at the Žiarska cottage. It is also classified as undemanding.

Distance from the hotel: 25 km

PROSIECKA DOLINA – It is a karst valley located in the Chočské vrchy, which crosses from north to south. Its total length is 3.5 km. It begins in the mountain meadows of Svoradu and ends near the foothill village of Prosiek.
Distance from the hotel: 30 km

HAVRÁNOK – It is an archaeological site above the dam wall of Liptovská Mary and a museum in nature.

Distance from the hotel: 25 km

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