Relaxation is the main and important part of the wellness process, as it helps reduce stress levels and thus promotes a sense of calm. By incorporating wellness into your daily routine, you can help create a sense of balance and harmony in your life. Take time for yourself and experience the charm of the nature of the Low Tatras, which you will have right in the palm of your hand from our relaxation zone. In the winter months, you will definitely appreciate the views towards one of the slopes of the Jasná ski resort, while you enjoy relaxation in the pleasant environment of the Lesania wellness area. You will experience perfect relaxation in our saunas and whirlpool. After a quality sauna, let your body be pampered with a massage of your choice.

Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the pleasant atmosphere.


13:00 – 22:00h


until 18:00h, (during winter)
with kids up to 12 years


from 18:00
for adults only


Tel: +421 908 777 027

 Wellness & spa LESANIA is available for external guests in case of free capacity. Please inquire by phone before your visit.

Official opening hours are from 13:00 to 22:00. Hotel Strachan Family Jasná reserves the right to adjust the opening hours in the wellness area during the spring season until (6.29.2023) and the autumn season from (9.4.2023 to 12.3.2023). During this period, the wellness will be switched on operationally according to the client’s requirements. Last entry at 19:00. Wellness open until 21:00.

Price list:

Hotel guests v included in the price of the stay during opening hours
External guests 22€ / person / 2 hours, 16€/ child 6-11,99r./ 2 hours
Private wellness 150€ / max. 6 people / 2 hours
Massages Overview of the offer

(can be booked for hotel and external guests even outside opening hours)

If you look in north-west direction from our hotel, you can see the characteristic peak Siná, 1560m above sea level. Carrying the name right after this peak, our popular dry sauna offers relaxation of your body and mind. The temperature in this sauna is 90 – 100°C. Alternating stay in a dry sauna followed by cooling of the body activates your immune system, has beneficial effects on cleansing the skin, has a positive effect on the release of psychological tension and improves the quality of sleep.

Ďumbier, with its altitude of 2043m, is the highest peak of Low Tatras. Our steam sauna shares the name with this iconic peak. Just like during the hike to Ďumbier, you’ll sweat a lot here, but it is really worth it. Staying in steamy and hot environment perfectly opens pores on the skin and thus harmful and toxic substances are washed out of the body. Steam sauna will make you feel relaxed, shut your mind off and you will feel pleasant relaxing fatigue.

Relax in the most modern hot tub, which was named after the place where a mountain stream Demänovka springs in the Demänovska valley. In our hot tub, you can enjoy a bath in 39°C hot water, with a number of massage and water jets, which will relax your muscles, joints and back.

Discover the infrared sauna called Mountain Sun, which uses the method of infrared therapy, also called Waon therapy. In an infrared sauna, thanks to infrared light, the body is overheated in order to improve blood circulation in individual parts of the body and stimulate sweating, during which heavy metals, carcinogens and toxic substances are flushed out of our body. Thanks to intensive blood circulation, metabolism improves, fatigue subsides and resistance to diseases increases. The interesting thing about the infrared sauna is that it heats up to a temperature of only 50°C, so it can be used even by those who cannot go to a classic sauna for health reasons.

During the sauna, it is recommended to alternate staying in a hot environment with cooling down the body. The cooling pool with the characteristic name “Ice tarn” will give you exactly the experience of rapid cooling when you dive into water with a temperature of only 9-12°C. In this way, you will strengthen not only your strong will, but also strengthen your body. If you don’t dare to use a cooling pool, a bucket of ice water or crushed ice will also serve you well.

Did you know that the Demänovský cave system with a total length of 35.2 km is the longest cave system in Slovakia? Imagine that you are in a cave and enjoy a walk through a system of ponds in which there are small pebbles and water of different temperatures. During this water walk, you will feel the relief of your lower limbs, the pebbles will massage your reflex points and regenerate your tired feet, and the change in water temperature will stimulate your blood circulation.

The water in our hotel comes from the local mountain stream Demänovka, which springs up in the valley. Therefore, do not forget about the drinking regime and enjoy the spring-like taste of the water from the Demänovský spring.

Wrap yourself in a blanket and take a nap in a pleasant mountain wellness environment like a true Tatra bear. It doesn’t matter if you snore, after all, it naturally belongs to the bears. Don’t forget that relaxation during the sauna is a very important part of the overall therapy.

In the wellness & spa area, you will also find a children’s pool, which serves the smallest visitors to our hotel. The pool is intended for children under the age of 12 under parental supervision.

Warm up your muscles and bones on the Priehyba heating bench. Thanks to its rounded shape, you can flex your body exactly into the right relaxation position. The pleasant warmth will relax not only your body, but also your mind. You will relax perfectly if you close your eyes for a while and stop thinking about the usual worries of everyday life.